Performance Intelligence

Business intelligence platforms will never replace great analysts, but in the hands of great analysts, the information can become transformational through the results.   

Owner Driven Financial Reporting

Customized reporting your way. The ability to create unique dashboards to include essential KPI's - daily financials, labor stats, STR results, a detailed GL, consumer review scores and etc at the press of a button…. and, from your phone

Labor Management

Never mistake activity for productivity. Rebel's labor management tools are designed for maximizing departmental profits.  The metrics are completely customizable for union and non-union workforces.  Tools include managing weekly schedules, assigning room credits, measuring daily productivity & POR costs by department, reconciling unpaired punches etc.    

Expense Transparency

No hidden fees or marked up expenses passed on to owners.  Rebel's platform has been designed to provide a detailed look at every transaction.  Our whole philosophy is one of transparency and partnership.