Our Story

Dare to be Different

The way to start any new venture is to stop talking about and begin doing it. But it couldn't be done like the other hotel management companies - one path and everyone follows. Instead, we chose to take a different route through building a management platform aligned to owners' interests first. Founded with edginess and with ridiculously high aspirations, Rebel is a premiere hotel management company wired for unbridled success.

We do not nickel and dime.
We make dollars and sense.

Our Ethos

Rebel blends institutional DNA with the spirit of a startup. We're independent, creative, passionate, highly analytical, and wildly competitive.

Our success is grounded in results and building long lasting relationships. Without the first part, it's difficult to progress to #2.

How We Think

Wired in private equity, being a high performing operator is deeply ingrained in our corporate genetic code.

No opportunity is ever overlooked or not passionately pursued if there is an economic benefit. Performance and reputation are tightly intertwined, and we revel in this.