Tech Solutions

The use of technology in Hotels is an ongoing journey of discovery.  It has helped reduce human error, sped up service delivery, created personalized stay experiences, and streamlined operational efficiencies.  And, we're only at the beginning.

Virtual Guest Services

REBEL firmly believes technology always translates to efficiencies, which improves productivity and yields more profit. From self check-ins to automated marketplaces, we provide solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Playing an increasingly important role in hospitality, REBEL's AI solutions has the ability to deliver superior service around the clock, limit the amount of human error and to save hotel owners significant money.

Consumer Review Aggregator Software

Every point counts when measuring ratings on consumer review websites, such as, Expedia and TripAdvisor.   The higher the rating, the greater the ability to drive pricing, so every basis point counts.  At REBEL, we deploy software to engage the guest immediately, fix problems in real time, and to automate the consumer review process.